Singapore Mobile Game Publishers


Today, mobile games have exceeded the desktop computer game. This is due to the high portability and affordability of the phone as compared to the PC. Mobile game developers have their suited their games to match the mobile phones operating systems and storage capacity. In the US and Europe, mobile game publishers are earning a lot of income through sales. In their bid to widen the market, they have ventured into south East Asia. While south East Asia hosts about a tenth of the world’s population, revenue from sales of mobile games are just around three percent. According to Super Data research, they accounted for only $637 in 2015.

This state is thus due to low income which goes to less than $5 000 per capita incomes. Interestingly, even in Singapore where the GDP per capita is above $56100, sales are still low. Most of the mobile game publishers have been targeting Singapore since is has a high income.

The best way to sell more games in Singapore lies in understanding the culture of Singaporeans. This would ,in turn allow developers make games that resonate well with the minds of these people. Rising their interest in purchasing games that don’t stir them have resulted to low purchases. Free trial games will only lead to a conversion if they like the game.

It is good to understand that more people are now using their smartphones to access the internet. This means that established publishers are likely tom make more sales in the future. It is necessary to undertake a survey to understand areas that have good internet coverage and try to make advertisements there.

There are companies that have adopted to cooperate with local companies so as to make sales from mobile games Singapore. These local companies understand what people in Singapore needs and take their time top develop such products. One can always scout for a partnership with the local service providers.

Payment may be a problem with few Singaporeans using online payment methods. Liaising with local payment firms can help you correct payments for mobile game sales.

This order represents how Singaporeans value games genres; trivia, sports, role playing, strategy, puzzle, card and dice, racing, action, simulation and real life, family and boarding games. With technology changing each day especially the virtual reality, it is hard to predict the trend in the coming years. However, there is a market for every type of games from mobile game publisher Singapore and they all need to be accustomed to the environment to make them lively to people of Singapore.

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